Cali Trip pt. 2 | Travel | Venice Beach, CA


Day 2 of Cali trip – Venice Beach

Day 3 of our California trip we spent the day soaking up the sun on Venice Beach, which was my favorite out of the two we  visited. Venice has the cutest houses with flowers and succulents spilling into everyone’s yards AND there’s palm trees (which = paradise to me). So I definitely l-o-v-e-d it. After an afternoon of swimming in the ocean and laying out, we decide to explore the little city a bit more. I’ve also decided instead of saying ‘I like long walks on the beach,’ which I do, but I rather say ‘I like long walks through all the beach houses.’ Because if I was a millionaire AND if I didn’t love the mountains as much as I do, I would totally move here.

So yeah, I will visit Venice sometime soooooooooon.”

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