Cali Trip pt. 1 | Travel | Santa Monica, CA

So as many of you know, I’m transitioning from my old blog + trying to kick up my blog posts (more than just a couple a month) on this site. There’s only so much you can post when it’s January and you’re a full time college student with two part-time jobs. Ya know? So, with that being said, I’m posting some of my old trips over the past year. This one being my trip with Hannah and Kia to Los Angeles this past June. Aka, one of my favorite trips.

So here we go, excerpts from my old blog. Day 1:
It’s a little bit sad to not be waking up in our hotel and heading out to the beach today,  but I’m glad to be back in to Utah and see the pretty mountains. Also, our timing for this trip was amazing, so glad I missed the rain/snow at home.  Day one we geared up for our trip bright and early and drove 10+ hours (with Kia getting a ticket in the first hour, lol).  Once we made it past all the traffic in LA, we dropped our bags in our hotel room and headed off into Hollywood for dinner. After that, we were all so exhausted we went back to the hotel and watched TLC and ended up falling asleep. Day two, we went to Santa Monica beach, which was paradise. I’ve missed the ocean.  And through all the swimming, tanning, eating mangos, and exploring, we all managed to get sunburns, but it was worth it.”

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