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Two posts in one day, say whaaaaaat?
I’m starting to get back into actually blogging again (posts where I say more than a paragraph. You know?) Anyways,
this past semester I had been working as a staff photographer at The Statesman, and towards the end of the semester I got hired as the assistant photo editor, which means all the fun with that – AND going on retreats. Like this one.
To be honest, I wasn’t too excited. I was excited to meet new people and start my new position, but it’s at Bear Lake – in the middle of January. Bear Lake is definitely a summer dream with swimming/boating/and raspberry shakes, but cut that all out because it’s winter – and I’m not about the “Polar-Plunge” lyfe.
what I learned is Bear Lake is a total winter’s dream as well. Seriously. So pretty.
So overall, the trip was a success.
I met many new faces, I finally created my 2015 goals, I learned more in-depth on social media for self marketing, and (not sure if I should be ashamed or rather proud) I’m surprisingly good at Cards Against Humanity – because I won.
So even though my retreat was just for 24 hours, it was a good way to start my new position and it makes me excited for this upcoming semester.

the end.



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