Cali Trip pt. 3 | Travel | Hollywood, CA

Extra long excerpt from our last day in California!

“Saving the best for last.
Our last day of our California trip we decided to do the “tourist-y” things like Walk of Fame, Hollywood Sign, etc. It also happened to be one of the most hectic/confusing parts of the trip since we had to take a bus and the metro, and really had no idea where to get on and off… Siri can’t help with that. FORTUNATELY on the metro station we met Kyle! Kyle’s a genius and knows all the ins-and-outs of Hollywood. (Hallelujah). Anyways, we were convinced to take a tour, because it sounded legit. And… It was. I’ve also never felt like such a creeper when it came to taking pictures of celebrity’s homes. But oh weeeeeeell. I’ve also come to the conclusion, I would love to live in Beverly Hills. (I really hope I become a millionaire, because my dreams are a little far fetched.) After the tour, Hannah, Kia, and I ate dinner and eventually met up with the genius Kyle again. We hung out with our new Cali friend all night. AND best part of the night….. Wait for it…….
It was awesome. Just like the movies. Even included a helicopter with a spotlight…. I’ve probably never been that excited. (My mom wasn’t too thrilled to hear that, lol.) Anyways, that was our final day in California.

s/o to Kyle, you’re awesome! If you ever come to Utah, we’ll give you a tour of SLC (prbly won’t see a car chase, but oh well.)”

k done.

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