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A little bit of maybe a sappy post, but this is how I’ve felt about all my weddings couples this year!

Someone asked me the other day to describe my ideal wedding client. And I wanted to show them the first picture below. (And the many pictures like this from all my other sessions.) My ideal wedding clients are the ones that are willing to go out of their way for the sake of a photo. Because maybe the lighting falls better on that one spot on their cheek if they were standing on that edge of a cliff, or laying down on that bed of dirt. Or in this photo’s case, trudging through (and inhaling) so many bugs.

My bride’s know their hair won’t lay flat perfectly, or at all. And that the wind WILL have it’s way, and have your hair flying everywhere. And that their dress WILL be dirty by the end of the session. They know that I avoid the stagnant, Pinterest posing. And that I often have them continually talk and move as much as I can. They know I”ll catch those moments when their caught off guard, and vulnerable.

And yet, they trust me.
They trust me to capture that imperfect moment.
The imperfect moment when you’re in mid-laugh, the quick gaze between each other, and the little squeeze while you’re holding hands.

Those are my ideal clients. And I’ve been considered so incredibly lucky to work with all these couples this past year, you guys are amazing!

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